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Keep 100% of the FSC and payload
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Super-Fast Dispatch

No Truck Left Behind!

We are a truck dispatching company that operates independently in Wyoming, USA. We strive to provide you – our carriers – a stress-free experience. We will always prioritize you and assign you dedicated dispatchers who are reliable and efficient.

We handle the negotiations and paperwork on your behalf, allowing you to focus on driving.

We don’t involve middlemen and give you the freedom to choose what to carry.

Our commitment is to keep our promises and work with you to build a successful partnership.

Key Services

Why Carriers Should Choose Us?

No small reasons to choose us!

You should choose Super-Fast Dispatch because our experienced dispatchers work tirelessly to find the best loads at the best rates for you, negotiate on your behalf, and handle all necessary paperwork. With our advanced technology, we ensure quick and reliable deliveries.

We'll Work With You

We work with Dry Vans, Reefers, Drop Decks, Flatbeds, and everything else.

Fast Payments

We offer Quick Pay, Cash Advances, and Cash for Gas to ensure carriers can get paid quickly and stay on the road

Flexible Pricing

Our fair and transparent pricing plans offer you the flexibility to choose the package that best fits your needs and budget. We only charge 5% for loads

Your Success is Ours

We are committed to building a strong alliance with our carriers and helping them achieve success in the business

Real-time Tracking & 24/7 Support

From Hello to Until next time, we’ll be with you

Customized Solutions

Host of solutions available

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